Monarch Pre-Release Sealed Event May 1 (IN-STORE EVENT)

Monarch Pre-Release Sealed Event May 1 (IN-STORE EVENT)

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Timetwister Games presents....

Flesh and Blood - MONARCH Pre-Release Event - May 1st 7pm $30 Entry

Prize Pool - LSS will issue prize cards and promos support for this event. In addition to that Timetwister Games giving away 1 booster box of MONARCH First Edition to 1st Place!

Format - Monarch Sealed Deck

More information about Flesh and Blood Blitz format can be found here:

*Prizes are distributed by Timetwister Games*

*This is an in-store event*

No refunds. This is an in-store event. No refunds will be given after a purchase is made for this event. If you don't show up on the day of the event you will not be issued a refund or store credit and dropped from tournament. No refunds. No exceptions.

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