Magic - Duel for Duals: Chapter 17 (Pre-Reg, 24 player limit)

Magic - Duel for Duals: Chapter 17 (Pre-Reg, 24 player limit)

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Timetwister Games presents....

Duel for Duals: Chapter 17, Saturday June 10th 12pm (Registration 11am)

First Place Winner: Underground Sea

Additional Prizing TBA (based on attendance)

There will be 1-2 Final Pods (based on attendance)

cEDH "Swiss" style tournament. 24 player player cap. Eminence software will be used for the paring.

<16 Players:
The event will be changed into "Crusade for Credit" and Top 4 will split or play for 100% of the total entries (store credit)

This is an in-store event. No refunds. If you don't show up on the day of the event you will not be issued a refund or store credit and dropped from tournament. No exceptions.

0 Proxies Allowed.

Slow play will not be tolerated.

All cards played and deck size must be legal in the EDH/Commander format as governed but the RC.

Games will be played under EDH/Commander rules. (Players must pass priority in turn order, etc.)

If there are issues during a game a player may “call a judge” and staff member will resolve the issue.

We’re all here to have fun and play EDH/Commander so please be respectful to one another.