Holiday Chaos EDH Sealed! (Pre-Reg, 16 player limit)

Holiday Chaos EDH Sealed! (Pre-Reg, 16 player limit)

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Timetwister Games presents....

Holiday Chaos EDH Sealed!

Sat Dec 17 at 12 Noon!
$160 Pre-Reg / $180 Day of Tourney

4 Swiss Rounds with Cut to Final Pod

Players will use 21 Packs to build an EDH Deck (1 Cmdr, 99 Card Deck).
Players will be seated into Pods for Deck Construction (80 mins)
Trading only during Deck Construction Time with your Pod Table

Decks cannot be changed or altered between rounds! Your Round 1 deck is your final deck, no cards can be added!

Players will play 4 "Swiss" Rounds with a cut to Top 4

First Place will receive 1 Revised Bayou
2nd-4th will receive 1 2x2 Collector Booster Pack

16 Player Max

Here is a List of the Booster Packs you will receive to build you deck, x1 each:

Kamigawa: Neon Dynasty - Collector Booster Pack
Streets of New Capenna - Collector Booster Pack
Innistrad: Midnight Hunt - Collector Booster Pack
Double Masters 2022 - Draft Booster Pack
Eldritch Moon - Booster Pack
Modern Horizons 2 - Set Booster Pack
Innistrad: Double Feature - Draft Booster Pack
Theros - Booster Pack
The Brothers' War - Draft Booster Pack
Guilds of Ravnica - Booster Pack
Return to Ravnica - Booster Pack
Journey Into Nyx - Booster Pack
Ravnica Allegiance - Booster Pack
Commander Legends: Battle for Baldur's Gate - Draft Booster Pack
Core Set 2021 - Booster Pack
Kaldheim - Set Booster Pack
Adventures in the Forgotten Realms - Set Booster Pack
Strixhaven: School of Mages - Set Booster Pack
Dominaria United - Draft Booster Pack
Innistrad: Crimson Vow - Set Booster Pack
Zendikar Rising - Draft Booster Pack


This is an in-store event. No refunds. If you don't show up on the day of the event you will not be issued a refund or store credit and dropped from tournament. No exceptions.