Flesh and Blood - Road to Nationals (IN-STORE)

Flesh and Blood - Road to Nationals (IN-STORE)

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Timetwister Games presents....

Flesh and Blood - ROAD TO NATIONALS - August 29th 10am $20 Entry

Format - Classic Constructed (deck list required)

Prize Pool - LSS be sending prize support package for this event. It will be distributed as follows....

1st Place

  • 1x Rainbow foil extended art Fyendal’s Spring Tunic
  • 1x Fyendal’s Spring Tunic Playmat
  • 1x Cold Foil Monarch adult hero 
2nd Place
  • 1x Exude Confidence Playmats
  • 1x Cold Foil Monarch adult hero 

3rd - 8th Place

  • 1x Cold Foil Monarch adult hero 

9th - 32nd Place

  • 1x Cold Foil aura being either Parable of Humility, Merciful Retribution or Ode to Wrath

Tournament Entries: Max 128 Players, 7 rounds

Location Information: The final location of this event may change based on the number of entries leading up to the tournament. The location of this event will definitely be in the greater Fort Lauderdale/Broward area.

More information about Classic Constructed format can be found here:


*Prizes are distributed by LSS*

No refunds. This is an in-person event. No refunds will be given after a purchase is made for this event. If you don't show up on the day of the event you will not be issued a refund or store credit and dropped from tournament. No refunds. No exceptions.