EDH League Play

EDH League Play at Timetwister Games. Every month we will tally up the points and the top 5 players will be awarded a prize based on standings.

We want to make this league fun and exciting for all players, no matter the cards they own or power level they play. In addition, there will be a voting procedure for banning cards and overall format and rules changes at the end of each monthly block.

This league is brand new and there might be some kinks to work out in the beginning but here is a list of some overall rules and procedures for the Timetwister EDH League.


1. No Proxies Allowed for any league play.

2. You must be in a pod of 4 players to begin a league game. The 4 players must agree to the power level of the game beforehand so everyone is on the same level and understanding of what to expect. There is no hard set rule for power level but it should understood for the most part what level is agreed upon.

3. Players may play no more than 2 league games per week if they placed 1st in one of those 2 games. If a player has no 1st place finishes in those 2 games they are allowed to play 1 additional "grinder" game for that week. The "grinder" game is a bonus game but can be played with players who are looking to fulfill their 1st or 2nd game of the week.

4. You choose who you play with in every league game. The store will not pair you into pods, but we are here to help you find a game if you are looking to play. So you're free to play a league pod with friends or people you might not know. If you're feeling crazy or short on time you can also use our EDH Pod Night as your league game if you so choose (more on this next). 

5. We play EDH paired pods on Wed nights in store. If you want any of those games to count towards your league games that is an option. You must let us know BEFORE you are paired into a pod. I want players to have the option to do this in case they have a busy week and need to get the league games in and are only available on Wed. night. The great thing about this option is a totally random and you never know who you're going to play. The other players in the pod might be playing in a "league game" and some might not. I want to have this available just in case it's needed. I will be monitoring this matches to make sure nothing fishy is going on.

6. Cheating is strictly forbidden. If you get caught cheating during game play or trying to "game" the system or league standings you will be banned for 6 months from league play. If you get caught again after that the ban will be indefinite. 


We will be using the point system from Duel for Duals for all league play.


Each league game played will be $5 per player. This fee is paid to the store and will be added to the prize pool awarded at the end of each month. Every Wed standings will be posted in store and the current prize pool amount. 100% of league entry costs will go into the prize pool.


Players will be awarded a percent of the prize pool after the final week's games are played and tallied up. All prizes are awarded as store credit.

1st - 40% , 2nd - 30%, 3rd 15%, 4th 10%, 5th 5%

Will of the council:

On the final week of league play any player that has participated in at least one league game will have the ability to have their voice heard. During the final week you're able to vote on any cards you feel should be BANNED in the league. You're also able to vote for structural changes to how the league operates as well. For a card to be banned it will need 2/3rds majority vote during the final week. If you would like to submit a proposal for a card to be banned or something to be changed please do so in the 3rd week of the league so I can put it on the voting ticket for the final week.

Asking for the same card to be banned every month will get old quick, so please use this option sparingly. If a card is banned for league play it will need to have a 2/3rds majority to get unbanned. Cards already banned in the EDH format will not be able to be unbanned.